Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions for the Concord Masters

1.    Online registration for participation in the Concord Masters does not guarantee a starting spot for your preferred casino/date.

a.    Once the amount of  € 300 has been credited to the account belonging to the Montesino Entertainment Group GmbH and the player has received an email confirmation, his/her spot is confirmed. b.    After registration, the spot will be reserved for the player for one week (subject to availability). If the payment is not transferred during that time, the reservation will expire.
c.    The option to register online (subject to availability) will end three days before your desired start date. The buy-in must be credited to the account of the Montesino Entertainment Group GmbH one day before the start date.

2.    Players can enter the Concord Masters several times. One re-entry per start day is offered, subject to availability.

3.    The tickets are not transferable.

4.    Tickets won at satellites cannot be redeemed for cash and they are not transferable.

a.    Only in the case where a player wins a second ticket at a satellite can he/she transfer it to a player who has not registered yet.

5.    All participants must show identification during the registration time period on each day of play.

a.    An official photo ID is required.

6.    Sales of Concord Masters tickets is prohibited.

7.    Players may cancel their participation up to one day before the start of the tournament.

a.    If the player cannot participate due to illness, accident or force majeure, he/she may transfer his/her ticket to a substitute player who has not registered yet, after consulting with the Casino.

8.    Electronic mail (email) and ticket purchase confirmations at the Casino are valid only for the Casino and date indicated in the email.

9.    The finals will take place at the CCC Simmering.

a.    Players who qualify for the finals must travel there at their own expense.
b.    Finals qualifications are not transferable.

10. Multiple qualifications are possible, but only the highest chip count will be accepted for the finals. The player will receive 2,000 Euros for every other qualification.

11. Players may wear up to two sponsor logos.

a.    One breast pocket logo, not larger than 70 cm², and one shoulder logo, not larger than 40 cm². No additional logos are permitted.
b.    Players who are sponsored by a company must wear these logos from the start. c.    A player who is not sponsored, who is not wearing any logos from the start of the event, is not permitted to wear any logos at a later time during the event.
d.    Logos of Austrian casinos and poker casinos are only permitted with written authorization from the event organiser.

12. All players agree that their names, pictures and any video and audio recordings may be used by the organiser for promotional purposes. All players agree that their full name will be published in reports throughout the course of the event.

a.    Participation means that the player assigns all rights to this material to the event organiser.

13. All final table participants agree to participate in press conferences and be available for interviews.

14. Any deals made at the final table must include at least € 10,000 for the winner, which will be played out in any case.

15. Players who have been officially blocked or who have blocked themselves at a CCC or Montesino, are prohibited from participating in the Concord Masters.

Force majeure – The guaranteed prize pool (or parts of the guaranteed prize pool at individual locations) is/are not valid if players' participation is prevented by a factor outside the influence of the event organiser. These factors include: Fire, flooding, earthquakes, storms or other natural catastrophes, terrorist attacks, rioting or civil unrest, explosions, etc.

3% of the prize pool will be retained as tips for the tournament crew. 

General Terms and Conditions and House Rules of Montesino Entertainment Group GmbH

Vienna, 01/05/2018


§ 1 Principle

In addition to the present House Rules, the rules of all hosted games posted or displayed in the gambling halls apply to the “Hosting and organisation of the card game ‘Poker’ and other card games, wherein winning and losing is not exclusively or mainly dependent on chance, without banker” as well as the hosting of other card games permitted under the business license by the Vienna City Administration dated 19/02/2001, GISA number: 25132960, registration number: 990 / 101498F02.

The Austrian Youth Protection Act as most recently amended must be posted in the gambling halls.

By entering the gambling halls, these house rules, the respective rules of the game and the provisions on data handling and data processing are acknowledged and consent is given for the handling and processing of data to the extent described.

§ 2 Domiciliary rights

Throughout the gambling halls, the domiciliary rights rest with Montesino Entertainment Group GmbH. In the exercise of its domiciliary rights, it is represented by the management and the service staff (floor men). Decisions by the management and the instructions of the service staff are to be complied with.

The domiciliary rights also extend to the service operations not immediately belonging to the gambling operations (e.g. bars and restaurant areas).

§ 3 Responsibility for damages

Montesino Entertainment Group GmbH shall not be liable for personal injury and damage to property inflicted on their guests by third parties on occasion of a visit.

Montesino Entertainment Group GmbH shall not be liable either for any defects, failures or actions entailing compensation for losses suffered in the area of the service operations, insofar as the same are not run by Montesino Entertainment Group GmbH.
Incidentally, liability shall be limited to gross negligence. Any facts entailing liability of Montesino Entertainment Group GmbH shall be reported immediately to the management.

§ 4 General obligations of the guests

The guests in the gambling halls are obligated to be considerate of other guests in the gambling halls in terms of behaviour and demeanour.

Begging or harassment as well as unsolicited advice to guests is strictly forbidden.

Entering the gambling halls or abiding in the same under the influence of alcohol or drugs as well as consumption, administration and trading of drugs is prohibited. Consumption, administration and trading of drugs or other substances falling within the scope of the Austrian Narcotic Substances Act will invariably result in the police being notified.

Clothing appropriate for the gambling activities and the respective local conditions in the individual federal states is to be worn.
The wearing of work clothes, string vests and open sandals is prohibited.

The following items must be left, without exception, in the cloakroom:
Coats, jackets, bags, backpacks, sticks (other than those necessary as orthopaedic supports), helmets and backpacks.

Carrying of weapons (cut and thrust weapons, firearms) is prohibited.

Dogs and other pets are not allowed.

All kinds of waste or cigarette butts are to be disposed of into the ashtrays or waste containers provided.
Chips, coins and bills found in the gambling halls are to be handed over to the service staff.

Carrying of cameras and video cameras, as well as photography and filming in the gambling hall, is prohibited; in the adjoining rooms, such as the foyer, this requires the prior consent of the management.

Use of technical aids to influence the game or game results is not permitted.

After the end of the gambling business day (opening times as provided), the bar, the restaurant area and the gambling hall must be vacated.

§ 5 Ban/gambling suspension

(1) The management can prohibit a guest, without giving reasons, from entering the gambling halls and / or staying in them (ban).
This applies especially in any of the following cases:

manipulation of the game, or attempted manipulation of the game or unauthorised actions;
suspicion of fraudulent manipulation;
the guest presents forged identity documents;
the guest has a nationwide ban on gaming due to judicial or other official orders;
the management receives notification from another casino operation that a ban has been imposed on the guest there.

(2) The management reserves the right to exclude guests from gambling (gambling suspension). In the context of the unilateral imposition of the suspension, the management accepts no contractual obligation towards the guest.

If the guest gambles despite suspension, there shall be no entitlement to pay-out.

Guests banned under para. 1 are invariably excluded from gambling.

In addition, a guest may request to be suspended by the management (suspension agreement).

If a guest gambles despite suspension, there shall be no entitlement to pay-out either.

In the event of a culpable breach of the of suspension agreement by the player, in particular by entering into the premises of the Concord Card Casinos and the Montesino in violation of the agreement made, and fraudulently participates in games in the premises, subsequently invoking the nullity of the game agreement in order to reclaim the stakes paid, the player must pay a penalty of € 10,000 to the operating company of the respective establishment of the Concord Group.

After a suspension through the suspension agreement or by the house, the guest loses all rights to all promotions or ratings.

(3) The management shall be entitled to inform all other casinos in Austria and Germany about promulgation of a ban and / or suspension, indicating the identity of the guest and the reasons for the ban or suspension, respectively.
If the management receives information from other casinos in Austria or Germany on imposition of a ban and / or suspension, the ban and / or suspension shall apply throughout the card casinos run by the CCC group.

§ 6 Access control   

Persons under 18 years and blacklisted persons are prohibited from entering the gambling hall.

Upon the his/her initial visit to a card casino in the CCC group, the guest is required to prove his/her identity by presenting an official photo identification.
The legitimacy can be provided only by presentation of a passport, identity card or driver’s license.
Subsequently the guest is registered. By registering, the guest acknowledges the House Rules and the data protection regulations listed in the appendix.
Identity documents are to be presented at the request of the service staff. If this is not possible, the guest shall exit the casino immediately when prompted.

§ 7 Player protection

In addition to the player protection regulations already provided in §§ 5 and 6 of the House Rules, the following additional dispositions are taken:

Appointment of a Player Protection Officer:

To protect the players and the social security of children, the casino management shall appoint a Player Protection Officer.

The casino management shall ensure that the Player Protection Officer regularly trains the service staff (dealer and floor man, security staff, etc.) at regular intervals regarding measures for the protection of players.

The trainings must be documented in a daily report (logbook) by the Player Protection Officer.
The Player Protection Officer and the service staff are obligated to constantly watch the goings-on in the gambling halls and keep social contact with the players in a suitable manner in order to perceive any unusual behaviour of a player that suggests that an addictive behaviour is emerging.

If necessary, the service staff shall take appropriate measures to prevent the player from continuing gambling and hold an informative talk with him/her.
According to the result of this talk, the service staff shall take, where appropriate after consultation with the Player Protection Officer, the suitable measures (e.g. oral or written indication of the risk of gambling addiction and its possible consequences, prompting to leave the gambling rooms, restriction of the visits to the gambling hall, suspension).

If the measure taken by the service staff ensures that the player is not subject to addictive behaviour and thus has full control of his/her actions and thoughts, he/she shall be allowed to continue playing.

Such measures taken by the service staff are to be documented by entry into a daily report (logbook) by the respective staff on duty, with indication of date and time and signature.
If there is reasonable suspicion that the frequency and intensity of a player’s participation in the game during the period in which he/she plays at this intensity and frequency may jeopardise his/her subsistence level, the casino management shall obtain information on the player’s creditworthiness from an independent organisation.

If this information reasonably suggests that continued participation in the game unchanged in terms of frequency and intensity may jeopardise this player’s specific subsistence level, the casino management shall inform the player in writing about this danger.
If the player continues his/her participation in the game despite this warning at unchanged frequency and intensity, the casino management company shall prohibit him/her from visiting the gambling hall permanently or for a specified period or limit the number of visits.

Daily report (logbook)

In the gambling hall, the service staff must keep a daily report in the form of a logbook.
In the daily report all incidents related to the gambling and all other events that require action of the service staff, in particular measures regarding the protection of players, are to be entered by the staff on duty and documented with name, date and time and signed.
In the service delivery, the daily report shall be finalised by the signature of the respective casino management representative. The events that have taken places must be discussed with the senior executives.

§ 8 Photography and filming permission

By entering the premises of Montesino Entertainment Group GmbH, the guest agrees that in case of television transmissions and photographs of the transmitting broadcaster or the medium, the pictures taken by him or her during or in connection with the event may be exploited without compensation, without temporal or spatial restrictions and by means of any current or future means.

All final table participants of a tournament agree to attend press conferences and be available for interviews.

§ 9 Newsletter / WhatsApp

Players have the possibility to register in all branches as well as on the homepage to receive the regular newsletter.
Furthermore, each player has the possibility to register for the respective WhatsApp broadcast list.
However, if a player enters into a suspension agreement with the company (see § 5) or is suspended due to gambling addiction (see § 7), the player is obliged to independently cancel the newsletter or the WhatsApp broadcast list.

§ 10 Limitation and disclaimer

Any claims of the player against the casino shall be asserted in court within 6 months from emerging. Any liability of the casino is excluded if the player provides incorrect or incomplete information to the casino and bears contributory negligence, even if only minor, to the arising of his/her claim.

§ 11 Data processing declaration in accordance with EU-GDPR and DSG2018 [Data Protection Act]

Data processor and if necessary order processor:
Montesino Entertainment Group GmbH FN 310724y

Processing framework:

The following data categories are processed:
Surname, first name
Date of birth
Place of residence
Type, number and origin of the identity document
Copy of the identity document
Portrait photo (photograph)
Bans (date, reason, duration)
Tournament participations, tournament results, placements
Score of various special promotions, competitions, rankings
Optionally (voluntarily by the customer) Email address, telephone number

You have voluntarily provided us with data about yourself and we process that information based on your consent for the following purposes:
Safety requirements for customers and employees
Customer support
Player protection
own promotional purposes, for example to send offers and newsletters in electronic form.

The processing and use of your disclosed data is based in particular on Art. 6 GDPR (consent, fulfilment of the contract, legitimate interests).

You can revoke this consent at any time. A revocation results in that we will no longer process your data from this point in time for the above purposes.

We store your data for the duration of your capacity as a customer or guest of our companies. The extension of this duration may result from legal reasons.

Your data are only passed on to third parties in the following cases:
purposes of player protection
legal provisions
journalistic purposes (e.g.: poker media, tournament results, winning photograph…)

Should it happen that, in the context of events, photo and / or video recordings are made of you in the gaming areas of the data processor and are stored, these recordings may be processed for marketing purposes, for publication on our websites or for publication on our Facebook pages of our companies. The publication does not create any claims whatsoever.
Your data protection consent to the processing of the photo and film recordings can be revoked at any time with effect for the future via datenschutz@cccmail.at as well as by post at our business address. The revocation of your consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing before its revocation.
For compliance with legal requirements and for your own protection, the gaming area of the data processor is video-monitored in accordance with data protection regulations.

In principle, you have the rights to information, correction, deletion, restriction, data portability and objection. In this case, please contact us. If you believe that the processing of your data violates data protection law or if your data protection claims have otherwise been violated in any way, you can complain to the supervisory authority.

You can reach us under the following contact data:
Phone: 01/890645017 Mail: datenschutz@cccmail.at

May 2018