Phase 1 of the Concord Masters

Qualification via phase 1

This year, players can once again join the Concord Masters for a buy-in of € 35 via phase 1 for the total prize money of € 5,00,000. Phase 1 tournaments are available in all participating casinos.

The buy-in is € 35, for this the players get a starting stack of 10,000 chips. The levels last 20 minutes, one re-entry per starting day is possible. On the starting days, the starting field is played down until 10%. Those who qualify will take their chips into day 1 of the Concord Masters.

How does phase 1 work?

Phase 1 ends when 10% of the entries (mathematically rounded) have been reached. The remaining players take their chip count along into a Concord Masters day 1 of their choice.

Can I qualify several times via phase 1?

Yes. Further qualifications can be used as a re-entry or for a further day 1. Qualifications that are not used will lapse.

Can I choose the location of my phase 1 qualification?

Qualifications from phase 1 must be used primarily in the casino where the phase was played. Further qualifications can also be used on the last starting days (6 to 8 June 2019) at CCC Wien Simmering.

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