Can I play on more than one start day / Are re-entries possible?

You can play on as many start days as you want. A re-entry is possible on every starting day.

Can I qualify online for the Concord Masters?

Partypoker does not only offer numerous online satellites with a buy-in from $ 0.50, but also two start days for the Concord Masters.

Depending on the satellite, the tickets won can be used live or online. Please read the description of the respective satellite in the partypoker client for this.

Are there satellites in the CCCs as well?

Yes, each CCC and the partner casinos will offer satellites for the Concord Masters. For more information, please see here.

I have already bought my CM ticket – what happens if I win another one in a satellite?

In this case, upon request one of the two tickets can be resold or transferred to a still unregistered Player.

Can I qualify several times via satellites? Are the other tickets transferable?

Live satellites: The first ticket has to be played by yourself, others are transferable.

Online satellites: The conditions of partypoker are valid.

How does phase 1 work?

Phase 1 ends when 10 % of the entries (mathematically rounded) have been reached. The remaining players take their chip count along into a Concord Masters day 1 of their choice.

Can I qualify several times via phase 1?

Yes. Further qualifications can be used as a re-entry or for a further day 1. Qualifications that are not used will lapse.

Can I choose the location of my phase 1 qualification?

Qualifications from phase 1 must be used primarily in the casino where the phase was played. Further qualifications can also be used on the starting days at the CCC Wien Simmering from 17 to 19 May.

How are the 10% calculated for the final qualification?

It is always mathematically rounded (114 entries = 11 finalists, 115 entries = 12 finalists). Players coming from phase 1 are counted as 1 entry per 100 k tournament chips.

Why are 17 levels played online, but live at 10%?

The software of partypoker does not offer any possibility to play at 10% of the entries. For this reason it was decided to play exactly 17 levels. In the normal case, this corresponds to the time where the 10% are reached live.

Can I qualify for the finals more than once?

Yes, this option exists. For each additional qualification, you are awarded a bonus of € 2,500. Only the highest chip count counts for the finals. This option is valid in any combination of the live and online starting days.

What is Button Ante?

Instead of collecting the ante for each hand from each player, the Button respectively pays the Ante for the entire table.

This has the advantage that less time is lost and that the players receive more hands. With 7 or more players he pays a Big Blind, 3-6 players a Small Blind and with Heads-Up, there is no Ante.

Should a “dead Button“ situation result (Button stands still), there is no Ante in this Hand.

I want to buy a larger quantity of tickets / I am a poker organiser and would like to play satellites, so whom can I contact?

In this case, please send an email with your request to tickets@cccmail.at.